Friday, April 3, 2015

Wallet Tutorial

I found this tutorial on pinterest and I absolutely love this wallet.  I've made 3 just this past week.
However, for whatever reason, I had a hard time following it.  I had to keep referring back to different parts and keeping track of what piece went I'm going to rewrite the tutorial in a way that makes more sense to me, if for no other reason than so I don't have to worry about losing the paper I wrote it on for my reference.  Consider it a dumbed down version, if you will.

One thing that I LOVE about this wallet is you can have it all from the same fabric, use 3 coordinating fat quarters, or a different print for each piece.  There are tons of ways to make this wallet slightly different and it's so much fun.  If you head over to the original tutorial you can see her option to add a zipper pocket to the outside of the wallet.  I added the D-ring just because I often don't like to carry a purse so if I'm just running into a store I can clip my keys to the wallet to keep them together.  You could even skip the zipper pocket on the inside if you need more credit card slots.  There are so many possibilities for this, especially when you take into consideration the awesome fabric combinations you could do.

Note: I've also been experimenting with different interfacing.  In this tutorial I have listed my personal preferences based on wallets I have made.  I've also used Pellon 72F which is a really sturdy interfacing, for A1 (for the cherries wallet) which made it seriously hard to turn so I don't recommend it, but it does make it really stiff and sturdy.

 For this wallet I added fusible vinyl to A1 and F which is nice since I have a messy 2 year old.

Here are the pieces you'll need to cut out.  The ones with a * next to it you'll also add interfacing to.

A1 - 8.5" x 9"  Main Outer  * 8" x 8.5"  fusible fleece
A2 - 8.5" x 9"  Main Inner   * 8" x 8.5"  fusible fleece

B- (6) 8.5"x 4.5"

  1. inside of zipper pocket
  2. outside of zipper pocket
  3. inside of zip pocket
  4. inside of slip pocket (on the backside of zipper pocket)   * lightweight interfacing
  5. CC slip  * lightweight interfacing
  6. CC slip (will be back of B5)
C - 8.5" x 4"  CC pocket  * 8.5" x 3.5" lightweight interfacing
D - 8.5" x 3.5"  * 8.5" x 3" lightweight interfacing
E - 8.5" x 3"  * 8.5" x 2.5" fusible fleece
F -   Snap tab
G - D-ring loop

RST = Right Sides Together
WST = Wrong Sides Together
WSO = Wrong Sides Out
RSO = right sides out
SA = Seam Allowance

1. Apply interfacing to all pieces.  For A1 and A2 I centered it, so that there wouldn't be as much bulk once it's all sewn up.  For C, D, and E I lined it up with the bottom leaving half an inch on the top without interfacing, again, to remove bulk.

2. Take piece C, fold over the top (8.5" side that isn't interfaced) 1/4", press, then fold 1/4" again.  Press well and top stitch.  Repeat for D and E.

3. Take B5 and B6, RST, sew 1/4" from top only.

  Flip WST and top stitch along that seam you just made.  We'll now call this piece B7.

 4. Place C on top of B7 making sure the tops are parallel.  This is more important than lining up the bottom as those will be caught in the SA later.  I use one of those cardboard credit cards that come in junk mail, put it in place and line up the top with where you want the pocket, draw a line under the bottom of the card and stitch along that line.  This won't be seen so I don't worry about the pen markings.  Now put D on top of that, and do the same thing.  Put E on top and baste at the bottom.

5. Measure 4.25" from the side (should be exact center).  Either use disappearing ink, chalk, or use a pen and just put a small dot every inch or so...just along pieces C, D, and E.  Sew from bottom to the top of C along that line, forming the credit card slots.  Baste just at the edges on sides and bottom and put aside for now.

6. Grab B1.  Draw a 1/2" rectangle on wrong side of fabric, 1" from top and sides (6.5" line centered).  You'll draw the top line 1" down from the top but stopping an inch from each side, then draw another identical line 1/2" below that, and connect at the sides.

  Place B2 on top, RST, pin if needed, and stitch neatly along all 4 sides of the box you marked.  Cut inside the box like this >-----< (see picture) being careful not to snip the stitches.  Flip one side through the hole so the pieces are now WST, press it really well.

Tack down the triangles inside to B1 (marked in red).

7.  Now you'll install the zipper.  I'm still new at zippers, so forgive me if I'm not the best at explaining.  I used a 9" zipper, which is too long.  I like having the zipper start too long so that I can cut those pesky metal parts off.  So lay that piece over the zipper and mark outside of where the little window is.  Stitch back and forth a few times over the teeth then cut off the ends.

Grab a glue stick and some scrap paper and lay the zipper down with the B1/B2 piece over it.  I used clips on either end to hold the zipper in place then folded down the top of the fabric, put some glue on the zipper where it will attach to fabric.  Lay the fabric back down and press to make sure the zipper stays put.  Repeat this for the bottom then either side of the zipper.

Using a zipper foot, stitch all around the zipper window.  Make sure it looks neat!

8.  Take B3 and B4, WST.  Place on top of zipper portion, with B2 (with zipper) facing B4.  Sew top only, 1/4" SA.  Flip, press, top stitch along that seam.  Baste close to edge on other 3 sides.

9.  Take G, fold lengthwise, and stitch along length.  Using a small safety pin or loop turner, turn RSO.  Put seam along middle and press.  Put it through a D-ring and baste at the top of credit card pockets, raw edges out.

10. Take F, RST sew around 3 sides.  Clip corners, turn and press.  Top stitch along those 3 sides.

11. Take A2 and place the zip pocket and CC pockets in place.  Baste.  (Not in pictures, my preference is to add the snap tab now, instead of through the turn opening like the original tutorial as I think it has a neater seam at the end and I didn't want to topstitch on this particular wallet.)

12. Put snap on A1 about 1.5" down and centered.  Put A1 RST on A2.  Place pins about 1.5 from edges, opposite from snap side.  This will be your opening to turn.  Pin the rest along the raw edges.

13. Carefully sew all around with about a 5/8" SA all but in between the pins.  A while back I found this nifty trick that helps to turn in the SA at the opening...when you start and stop, sew from that point straight out to the edge of the fabric.  This will help guide the SA inside once turned.  Also, I like to backstitch 2-3 stitches on each side of the corners just to help reinforce them.

14.  Clip corners and carefully turn RSO through the opening.  Carefully poke out the corners and using lots of steam and a hot iron press really well (don't iron over plastic snaps!)

15.  Press SA inward.  Now there are two ways you can finish can hand stitch the opening closed (though this isn't possible if you follow the original tutorial for adding F) OR you can simply top-stitch around the entire wallet, closing the opening in the process.
If you top-stitch, starting at open edge, carefully and slowly top-stitch, back-stitching over where the tab is for reinforcement.  You may have to use the hand wheel at the corners.  Go really slow, especially towards the corners, and make sure you don't skip any stitches (I find it's easy to skip stitches when there are that many layers).  You may even want to use a leather needle or switch out to a new needle before doing the top-stitching.

16.  Close wallet and put F over snap so you can figure out where to place the other side of the snap on the tab.  I use a seam ripper and just sit it on the tab in the center of that snap to make sure I have the right spot, then use the seam ripper to CAREFULLY poke a tiny hole for my snap.  Install the snap.

And you're done!

 Here is another wallet I made with this tutorial, I also made a matching purse which will be in a new blog post coming soon!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!  It was my first time writing one so hopefully it was easy to understand.  If you make one please share with me, I'd love to see what you all come up with!

I'll be putting some wallets in my Etsy shop, and you can follow me on Facebook for updates!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Free Printable!

I love free printables.  I have an entire board on my pinterest dedicated to things I can print from preschool curriculum to conversion charts (cooking and sewing) to subway art.  The other day I discovered just how easy it is to make them myself!  And the best part is I didn't have to buy anything, I didn't have to download any programs, just some extra fonts (that were free).  I used picmonkey which is a great FREE photo editing program online.  

I love the House Rules printables and signs that I've seen all over pinterest lately, but wanted them a little more personalized and also not have to spend a pretty penny for someone else to do it for me.  I wrote down a list of rules I wanted and sat down and whipped this up.

Isn't it cute?!?  I love it.  It's not perfect but for my first one I'm pretty proud of it.  And so I decided to share it with others in case you just don't want to have to do it yourself (it was simple but took quite a bit of time).  

It is sized as an 8x10 and you can print it at home, all you have to do is enlarge the picture and save it to your computer then print.  Easy peasy!  If you encounter any issues let me know and I'll do my best to help.  I hope you like it!  Now I'm off to make MORE!

These are free for personal use only.  Thanks!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Exciting things are coming...

A lot is happening in our lives right now.  Many huge changes.  Mr. A got out of the Army a few months ago, we moved, and he's busy working and going to school while I'm busy at home with the kids.  Now we're in the process of something even MORE stressful and emotional...but I'm not going to say what yet.  I will say that if everything goes right I will have lots of material for new blog posts...and we're so excited.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Check this out!

Seamingly Smitten Sewing Patterns is giving away a FREE Brother 1034D Serger!!!  How awesome is that?  These are awesome sergers for even the beginner.  So head over there and enter to win! Giveaway is open February 4th-February 11th.


Friday, January 10, 2014

Happy Scrappy Family Tree Rag Quilt

 Ok so the name may possibly be a little lame, but I don't care.  I made this rag quilt for my sister and her husband for Christmas.  It's my first rag quilt and there are plenty of flaws in it but I love it, and more importantly THEY loved it, and that's all I can ask for.

I had gotten a charm pack, originally planning on making them some awesome coasters for their Christmas gift but then I got a gift card to my local quilt shop and I bought another charm pack and some yardage from that line so I could make something better...but I didn't know exactly what yet.
I had some old jeans that didn't fit me anymore (thank you kids for that extra baby weight!) and I couldn't just throw them away, it seemed so wasteful!  Inspiration hit...I'd make a denim rag quilt!  I didn't have quite enough denim so I went to Goodwill and bought a few more pairs.  Then I went to work!  More after the jump.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Dinosaur Party!!!

 Both my boys had birthdays....Connor turned 3 and Grayson turned 1!!!!  I can't believe how fast it's going and how grown up they are already.  Since their birthdays are both the same week as Christmas (Connor the 23rd and Grayson the 31st) we had a joint birthday party this year the weekend after Christmas.  I probably won't be able to get away with joint parties for long so I'll take advantage while I can!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's December!

I can't believe it's December already.  In 2 weeks my first born will be 3 years old!!!  And just 8 days after that my baby will be 1.  It's still sinking in that I'm a mom to TWO kids and here they go growing up on me, and way too fast.

So since their birthdays are fast approaching I thought I would take a post to write down some memories, quirks, things they do or say that make me smile....